Shame, Shame Go Away

When growing up I heard those familiar words from my mother’s lips more frequently than any others-” you should be ashamed of yourself”- and the words were never questioned.

I was listening to a podcast that features Brene Brown speaking about shame and vulnerability and memories were flooding my mind about shame.  To this day, I do not know what I did to bring on those words but they have impacted my whole life. I always feel that I must have something to be ashamed of- but I do not.

I should be feeling pride for living a life of integrity and continual self improvement.  The words I should have heard growing up – “you should be proud of yourself”.  The shame I have lived with has no basis and caused me to feel unworthy.  The good is that now that I am aware I can be proud of myself and not longer have to live in shame.

I am still on my way to 188, down 3.4 lbs to 205 this week @ my WW meeting.  I wanted to be 200 or less by September.  I am getting very close and wonderland (199 or less) is on the horizon.


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Day 5 – Embracing New Habits

Down 1.8 lbs this week, 206 lbs and this is the lowest my weight has been since my 20’s.  I feel so empowered when the scale is going down.  I have confidence in my ability to complete this journey- at least the losing part.  Maintaining has its own challenges and what I learn now I have to apply to my eating and exercise habits for the rest of my life.

I have also learned that I have to be able to include the foods that I love- some are healthy- including fruits, vegetables, fish, vegetarian meals- and others- chocolate ice cream, whipped cream and potato chips are not.  I am learning to include these foods as part of my lifestyle and have control over my portions.

Here are a few tips  that help me  and I am  still learning how to maintain control when certain foods are in my proximity.

1. Eating healthy meals with what weight watcher’s calls power foods- fruits, vegetables and lean protein.  Protein helps me to feel full and by eating a balanced diet I do not have the cravings for foods that would start me on a full blown binge.

2. If  I REALLY want to have some chocolate ice cream I go ahead an have it.  I have a small bowl that I can place a couple of scoops in and it looks so beautiful.  I eat it with total enjoyment and pay attention to every bite.

3. I count it – it may be 10 points but I count it – that is what the extra points are for….  use them.  Do not pretend that you did not eat it-then it becomes very easy to have another bowl (and not count it) then maybe some chips ( no points in chips either- right?).  Believe I have done this and I have learned it is ok to go over on points but count it and move BACK  on track.

4.Exercise is my friend- it does hep me keep balance with food.  If I exercise I want to eat healthier.   I do not want to blow an hour of exercise with some processed food that will make me unhealthy and feel terrible.

Please let me know your thoughts about food  that are challenges for you.  Mine go back to childhood  which is where my food issues and weight problems began.


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Day 1 Losing Weight is Tough

My name is Cindy and I been dieting a big part of my adult life.   Weight Watchers has become an important past of my life for education and tools in dealing with my “foodie” issues.   Emotional eating  was a coping skill for me for too many years,  I still have tendencies to eat  when not hungry, the catalyst is I am more aware of my emotions and dealing directly with the emotion most of the time.

Always trying to improve my life, to be healthy- I have plenty of experience dieting and exercising and I have been successful when I focus.   Over the past few years I have lost 60 lbs. and  I am in the process of losing the final 30- 40.  I do not have a definite goal weight- I am thinking 175 but that may change as I approach goal.

I would like you to join me on this journey of ups and downs= I know there will be ups and downs for the next 88 days to make my goal.  Buckle up – it’s going to be a wild, but also rewarding ride.


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